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  • What is a limited edition print?
    A limited edition print is a print that will only ever be produced in a small run. Once the run of prints sell out, they will not be restocked. An example of this would be a run of 25 hand finished prints in the size 8x8.
  • How does Yoga Bigfoot give back?
    As of 2023, I donate 10% of all company profits to the Minnesota Non-Game Wildlife Program. This program is instrumental in restoring wildlife habitats, monitoring non-game species, and educating the public on the importance of non-game species. Every dollar that Yoga Bigfoot donates to this fund gets matched TWICE by the Reinvest in Minnesota (RIM) critical habitat license plate fund. That means that every $10 Yoga Bigfoot donates, $30 dollars is contributed to restoring and maintaining critical habitats in MN!
  • How do you think of what to paint.
    I have a list that I am constantly brainstorming. Clients often make requests too :)
  • What is an open edition print?
    An open edition printing is a reproduction of an original piece of art. All of the open edition prints are printed on archival matte paper with pigment ink. Each print is signed and number by me. Unlike Limited edition prints, open edition prints have no limit to the number of prints that can be made.
  • Is this a print and demand store?
    Nope! All prints are created in small batches in the USA and signed and number by me! All t-shirts are created in partnership with a local female owned Minneapolis business, Afternoon Printing. I make all of the stickers at my house with weather proof sticker paper, a laminator, and a small cnc cutter. I take great care in the sourcing of all of the reproductions of the art I make! None of it is print on demand!
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