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About the Artist

Greetings! My name is Mya! Growing up in Duluth, MN, I was surrounded by stories of what lurked in the woods. While I personally haven't seen a bigfoot, I like to believe that their magic still powers the forest! 

Mya Austin Bigfoot Artist

I started painting when I was 15, and it has continued to be my favorite hobby ever since! I am almost 100% self taught (with the school of Youtube of course).

After high school, I earned degrees in Math and Statistics before decided to go on a 300+ mile backpacking tip of the Superior Hiking Trail. This hike changed my life and inspired me to believe in myself and my personal goals. 

Mya Austin hiking the SHT

The aftermath of the hike was challenging. Post-trail depression is real, and I fell into it hard. Yoga Bigfoot is actually the project that began to pull me out of the funk! Inspired by an amalgamation of podcasts and my hiking experience. I couldn't help but wonder what bigfeet do when no one is around. I created a series of paintings of various bigfeet participating in Zen or silly activities in nature, and then I left the project for about a year. At the time, the funding was not there to execute my vision. So I started painting pet portraits and wildlife art. After slowly building a different brand, I decided to return to where it all began:

Yoga Bigfoot. 

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